NFHTA Course Offerings

Delivering the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Fair, Impartial, and Thorough Fair Housing Investigations

A series of five weeklong courses, NFHTA’s Fair Housing Investigator Courses provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct fair, thorough, and comprehensive investigations of fair housing discrimination complaints. NFHTA’s Fair Housing Investigator Courses are designed specifically for HUD and FHAP investigators.

The courses lead participants through the fair housing complaint investigation process. After providing a solid foundation that includes the role of the investigator and fair housing legislative history, participants go on to discuss:

  • The Fair Housing Act, including: 
    • Protected classes, prohibitions, and exemptions
  • Jurisdiction
  • Creating a case file
  • Effective intake of fair housing complaints
  • Theories of discrimination
  • Evidence and fair housing testing
  • Planning for a fair housing investigation
  • Conducting a fair housing investigation, including:
    • Conducting interviews
    • Gathering documentation
    • Conducting an on-site visit
  • Preparing the Final Investigative Report (FIR) and determination
  • Conciliation
  • Damages
  • Administrative closures and withdrawals with resolution
  • Presenting investigation findings/briefing

Each weeklong course presents the latest information on fair housing issues and provides opportunities for student interactivity and experiential learning based on current case studies. In addition, course presentations and materials include a comprehensive textbook that provides content of all core curriculum courses in a single resource and accompanying student workbooks for each course. Materials contain professionally designed graphics and visual aids aimed to make content more memorable and appealing.

Information on each weeklong course is provided below.

Special Topics that Enhance Understanding

NFHTA occasionally offers special fair housing courses.  Special offerings may include courses designed to serve as fair housing refreshers, courses tailored to meet a specific need, or courses designed to allow the fair housing professional to sample a NFHTA course at a discounted price.

A Focused Look at Special Topics

Specialized and advanced courses are designed for the general fair housing community and fair housing investigators. Specialized courses focus on specific topics and advanced courses are designed for individuals with training needs beyond the basic fair housing offerings.