Transfers and Substitutions


NFHTA defines a transfer as the movement of your registration for one course to a future session of the same course

A transfer will be processed only if:

  • It is requested in writing.

  • It is submitted in a timely manner.

  • Payment is made for any additional fees.

  • Space is available in the requested class. 

Only one transfer request will be honored. Refunds will not be made for transfers that originated after any official refund deadline. 

For HUD employees using the 10.4 form, transfers must occur within the same quarter for all other students, transfers must only occur within the same federal fiscal year.

IMPORTANT! You cannot transfer your registration to a different course. You must cancel your registration for the original course, and then register for the new course. 

If you are interested in transferring your registration to a future session of the same course, please e-mail your request



The transferred registration can be used by anyone in your organization who qualifies for the course. You may substitute another qualified participant at any time before the class begins.

Please contact our office by phone (see Contact Us) to make the substitution and provide the contact information for the substitute. You may have to submit amended paperwork if the payment method for the original enrollment is a purchase order or government training authorization form.