Cancellation and No Show Policy

Student Cancellation Policy

When a student or supervisor of a student notifies NFHTA at least five business days prior to the scheduled start date for the course that the student will not be attending a course for which the student is registered, the cancellation will be recorded as a Student Cancellation in the Registration Reporting System. The student will not be entitled to a refund, but may attend another scheduled session of the same course at a future date within the same federal fiscal year with the exception of HUD employees. HUD employees may only reschedule within the same quarter.

NFHTA requires enrollment cancellation requests to be submitted in writing by e-mail or fax (see Contact Us). The agency has the option of transferring the money toward tuition for another scheduled course during that federal fiscal year, if one is available for the same person or for another person who meets the qualifications to take the course. If no course is available, tuition, if paid, will be refunded.


No Show Policy

If a student does not attend any portion of the course and fails to notify NFHTA of their intent not to attend a course for which the student is registered, the no show will be recorded as a Student Failed to Report in the Registration Recording System. If the registration is not cancelled by the student at least five business days before the scheduled start date for the course, the student or agency will be responsible for the full tuition, if any, for that course.


Course Cancellation Notification Policy

If a class is cancelled by NFHTA due to weather, other emergency, or low enrollment, all registered students will receive an e-mail notification that the class has been cancelled. All reasonable efforts will be made to notify students as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience. The full tuition payment will be reimbursed.

NFHTA’s sole liability is limited to the refunding of any tuition or fees paid for any cancelled or rescheduled classes. NFHTA is not responsible for any enrollee’s incidental or consequential loss.